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5 Silver Jewellery For The Month Of Love!

by Mayur Zinzala 13 Feb 2024
Simple heart silver necklace

First things first, Happy Valentine’s Day! It's the month of love, all about expressing your love to your loved ones, and yourself. One of the classic choices to express your emotions is through gifts. Jewellery gifts for her are one of the most precious gifts, especially silver sterling jewellery adorned with beautiful stones elevating its charm. In this blog, we have mentioned our top 5 Valentine's Day jewellery that you could give to your loved ones through this month of love. 

Saffron Trait is dedicated to providing individuals with stylish and contemporary silver jewellery aligning with the latest fashion trends. This versatility of captivating yet minimal designs blends with varying ensembles making them enticing. 

Simple heart silver necklace 

Simplicity is the best way to win someone’s heart. Love is a delicate feeling that relies on small gestures and meaningful conversations. A small gift that one can wear daily, is a sweet and simple gift. This heart silver necklace with ruby at the center surrounded by beautiful white stones, elevates the bearer's beauty and also helps you express your emotions. 

The subtlety of this heart necklace adds a charming element to their ensemble of the day whilst exuding elegance and charm. The ruby red stone captivates attention while the white stone elevates the appeal of the red stone. 

Minimalistic heart ring

Minimalistic heart ring


We all have heard that ‘less is more’, well that applies to jewellery as well. Rather than big statement jewellery, minimalistic jewellery is often more meaningful and useful. A minimalistic love heart ring for her to wear every day. Adorned with pink-ruby stone and a single white stone, it exudes elegance. 

A ruby proposal ring is a perfect choice for proposals for various reasons. From the romantic appeal to the meaningful shape, the ring is your perfect jewellery for a proposal. She can wear it daily and remember your precious bond whenever she sees it. 

Silver heart necklace with ruby 

Heart Silver Necklace


There are only a few people in our lives that make an irreplaceable place in our hearts, those people need to be cherished for all the efforts they put in to maintain your sweet relationship even through the tough times. A silver heart necklace with a crown detailing for the queen of your heart. Express your emotions for your beloved with the stunning charm of the silver around a beautiful heart-shaped ruby. 

The enticing ruby stone adorns the beauty of the pendant and adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Cliche but the heart-shaped pendant has the charm to bring the brightest smile on her face. It is a classic for a reason and worth it to give as a special gift. 

Silver bracelet with heart

Heart Silver Bracelet


A silver bracelet is a precious gift that elevates her elegance and adds to her beauty. There are various silver bracelet designs fitting the current trends. The charm of the contemporary designs of our bracelets elevates the beauty of the ensemble easily. A heart silver bracelet with the heart looped in intricate silver makes the perfect jewellery to adorn her wrist. The delicate pink hue accentuates the charm of the bracelet and the ensemble it is part of. 

The intricate loops of the silver band give a delicate allure to the bracelet and make it a perfect jewellery for her to add to her jewellery box. 

Silver heart pendant necklace 

Silver heart pendant necklace


In the month of love, no amount of hearts would be enough. So, here is another silver heart pendant necklace to gift to the love of your life. You can give this as a present to your loved ones, your life partner, or yourself! The dangling heart adds a dimension to your ensemble, making it a captivating ornament. 


As we are in the month of love, we are here with our 5 stunning silver sterling jewellery. These designs revolve around the classic heart shape. The beauty of silver jewellery lies in its luxurious appeal and adaptability to shape in varying designs and result in captivating designs. The contemporary designs of Saffron Trait jewellery are perfect for finding a meaningful gift for your loved ones in this month of love. From heart-shaped pendants, and rings to bracelets, these jewellery could be worn daily and elevate her charm. 

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