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Top 8 Silver Jewellery To Wear And Gift: Christmas With Saffron Trait

by Mayur Zinzala 23 Dec 2023
Top 8 stunning silver sterling jewellery

Time to ditch the work and enjoy the festive season and feast on some delicious food while dressed pretty with sterling silver jewellery. While you make the perfect meals and decorate your house and meet the Christmas aesthetic charms and of course a Christmas tree, ensure that you are ready for the festive season. You found the right place if you love silver jewellery or know someone who loves them. In this blog, we have mentioned 8 stunning designs from our collection for you. 

Christmas Sterling Silver Jewellery 

Christmas is about charms and glowing decor all around. Exchanging gifts is a compulsion and dressing well is a must. While there are many options for you to choose jewellery, sterling silver jewellery meets fashion aesthetics well. We have an exquisite collection of silver jewellery for women designed keeping in mind the market trends. They are studded with vibrant shades of stones to elevate the cherry aesthetics of Christmas. 

This collection is just a peek into our stunning collection of silver jewllery from which you can check out to find more entrancing designs and find your perfect fit. We have a collection of silver earrings, silver bracelets, silver necklaces, and silver rings for women made with 925 hypoallergenic silver, making them perfect for sensitive skin. This factor makes them a perfect gift for Christmas. 

Heart Sterling Silver Necklace For Women 

silver heart necklaces

The heart is one of the coolest shapes to make jewellery for ages. The simplistic shapes and the vibrant red-coloured stone add the perfect touch to this silver necklace heart of ruby shade. The thin lining of white stones elevates the appeal of the ruby stones and makes them shine. It adds a graceful touch to your attire. It is a meaningful gift for someone dear to you like your love interest. 

Maple Sterling Silver Necklace For Women

Silver Necklace For Women

Even though it's fall, maple is still our staple. This gorgeous maple-shaped pendant captures the beauty of the fallen maple leaf in silver glory with tanzanite-coloured stones. Whether you wear a flowy dress or ripped jeans, this pendant silver necklace fits with all. Paired with other sapphire silver jewellery you can create a full attire for Christmas. 

Emerald Sterling Silver Earrings For Women 

Silver Earrings For Women

Emeralds are one of the richest and most regal colors of all time. Not only do they evoke a regal aesthetic but match the Christmas setting as well. It depicts the beauty of a Christmas tree standing in snow most elegantly. The leafy design adds a beautiful touch to this emerald jewellery. The hoop earring is perfect for any Christmas parties you have to attend. 

Drop Sapphire Earrings For Women 

Sapphire Earrings For Women

This diamond sapphire drop earring is the definition of chic and classy jewellery. The single sapphire stone shines with the symmetric shape and white stones aligning the side of the silver earring. In simple words, the sapphire shines and so will you if you wear it you will too. For those chic and simple dresses, this is the perfect jewellery. 

Sterling Silver Heart Ring For Women 

Heart Ring For Women 

This silver ring heart shape is Christmas-coded. The ruby stone, ofcourse, and the heart shape for the love you hold and share in the festive season.  The ruby stone is accompanied by a single tiny white stone that adds the finishing touch to the jewellery. It adorns the beauty of your attire. Rings are always a valuable investment, it never betrays you. 

Silver Ring With Blue Stone For Women 

precious stone ring 

All of us love some regal rings to wear, it gets sweeter than honey if it is a silver ring with diamonds. This sapphire in engagement ring is made with vibrant shades of stones and intricate and enticing patterns. The black and sapphire stones and white stones make these rings better and more aesthetic. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones who love to wear stylish jewellery. It blends well with many styles and makes versatile jewellery. 

Diamond Silver Bracelet For Women

Silver Bracelet For Women

If we have to talk about classic jewellery beauties, this ladies silver bracelet is the most beautiful. It is said that less is more and this bracelet is the perfect example. The silver bracelet is delicate and loose on your wrist adding grace to your attire with ease. It blends well with any set of clothing are super versatile piece to add to your jewellery box. 

Floral Silver Bracelet For Women

Floral Silver Bracelet For Women

Flowers are the most beautiful element of nature and inspiration to many things. From art to courage and beauty flowers have been the source of inspiration for ages. Jwellery is no different. Presenting to you our silver bracelet with a charm shaped like a flower. The sapphire stone adds perfect detail along with the classic white stones. It is delicate jewellery to wear and gift this festive season. 

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Christmas is just around the corner and so is the time to dress pretty and give gifts to your loved ones. Among all the gift options, we present you with one of the classic and stylish options, sterling silver jewellery. Jewellery is one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts to give this Christmas. You can buy them for yourself as jewellery are crucial part of dressing for Christmas and all the parties you are going to attend. Here we have mentioned 8 of our enticing sterling silver jewellery like earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Saffron Trait provides one of the best quality products around the UK, check our website to find more of our stunning products.

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